How a root canal treatment in Zionsville, IN can save your smile.

You’ve probably heard about root canals, but did you know a root canal can save your smile? It’s true! When you have severe tooth pain, a root canal can eliminate tooth pain, and still allow you to keep your tooth and your smile.

Dr. Joseph Holland at Holland Dental in Zionsville, Indiana offers comprehensive dental care, including root canal therapy to eliminate your tooth pain and preserve your smile.

There are many reasons you might need a root canal, including:

  • Severe tooth decay
  • Trauma to your face or jaws
  • Chronic grinding or clenching

In fact, any dental problem that has penetrated the innermost layer of your tooth, an area called the pulp, may need to be treated by having a root canal.

Watch for these signs and symptoms indicating you may need a root canal:

  • Tooth pain that increases when you eat or drink hot or cold foods or beverages
  • Sharp, stabbing tooth pain when you bite down or chew
  • A red or white bump appearing on your gums next to a tooth root

If you notice any of these signs or symptoms, visit Dr. Holland. Using x-rays and thermal and vitality testing, he will determine if you need root canal therapy. If you do need a root canal, don’t worry, he can help.

When you have a root canal, Dr. Holland will create a small opening in the top of your painful tooth. He will remove the diseased or infected pulp tissue using the opening in your tooth. A sedative material is placed inside your tooth. This material dries up the fluid, relieves the pressure, and removes the pain. After your painful symptoms are gone, the sedative material is removed and replaced with an inert material that remains inside your tooth. The opening is closed with a small permanent filling, and your root canal is complete.

A root canal can relieve your dental pain and save your smile! To find out more about root canal therapy and other dental services, call Dr. Joseph Holland of Holland Dental in Zionsville, Indiana. Call today!