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Dental Crowns in Zionsville, IN

Dentistry is an art as well as a science; dental crowns offer a perfect example of this. A dental crown or “cap” is a covering that fits over a damaged, decayed or unattractive tooth. It can even replace a tooth entirely as part of dental bridgework.

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What Is a Dental Crown?

A crown completely covers a tooth above the gum line. This is in contrast to a dental veneer, which only covers a tooth's front surface and needs natural tooth structure to support it. Therefore, if a tooth is missing a significant amount of structure above the gum line, a crown would be the restoration of choice.

Crowns strengthen damaged teeth, allowing them to function normally again. When crafted from today's high-tech porcelains (dental ceramics), crowns are virtually indistinguishable from natural teeth. They can even be designed to improve upon a tooth's original appearance.

How It Works

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Initial Consultation

To begin the process, you’ll come and see Dr. Holland for a consultation. He will diagnose your oral health issues and help you decide if one or more dental crowns may be appropriate for your treatment.

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Dr. Holland will remove any decay or damage to the tooth while preparing it for the crown. This will ensure the longevity of the restoration and create the ideal shape for the final crown.

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Once your tooth has been prepared, Dr. Holland will take digital scans of your tooth and send this to a dental lab. A team of experienced technicians at the lab will use the latest technology to build a custom-fitted, durable crown. A temporary crown will be placed and a follow up appointment will be scheduled to complete your beautiful new crown.

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Once your permanent crown arrives from the lab, you will come in for your final appointment. Dr. Holland will gently remove your temporary crown and place your new crown to make sure it fits perfectly. Then, he will bond it into place permanently.

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Dental Bridges in Zionsville, IN

Crowns can also be used to create a lifelike replacement for a missing tooth. This is done with bridgework, which spans the space of the missing tooth and requires at least three crowns. Two of those crowns will be placed over healthy teeth on either side of the missing tooth; these healthy teeth are referred to as abutment teeth. The two crowned abutment teeth become supports for a third crown placed in between them; that third crown is referred to as a pontic. If more than one tooth is missing, more crowns will be needed to bridge the gap in between the abutment teeth.

Restore Teeth from Extensive Tooth Decay or Fracture

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