Having a brighter smile is something everyone should strive for. However, our general wear and tear on our teeth sometimes stand in the way of that becoming a reality. Maintaining your dental cosmetic upkeep can be difficult. Dr. Joseph Holland of Holland Dental specializes in cosmetic dentistry and serves the Indianapolis, IN, area well. We rarely think about what we are doing that causes our teeth to stain. We usually only think about the issue as soon as they do stain. That's where Dr. Holland's expertise comes in.

Why do our teeth get stained? 

To understand how our teeth get stained, to begin with, we must examine our diets. Things like soft drinks, coffee, and cigarette smoke all lead to staining of our teeth. When we consume some of these things, a protein film builds up around the enamel of our teeth. Some stains are easier to get rid of than others. Often times the cosmetic appearance of our teeth is a good indicator of our overall oral health.

How to remove stains using cosmetic dentistry

Brushing twice a day, flossing, and using mouth wash definitely helps with maintaining cleanliness. Other habits are best to quit altogether, however, such as smoking or using chew. The build-up of film and harm that it causes to gums can cause far greater damage. Another important part of removing stains from teeth includes regular cleanings at the dentist. The health of your teeth and their appearance is something your Zionsville dentist takes seriously with his cosmetic dentistry treatments. Visiting the dentist every six months for regular cleaning is preferred. Opting for teeth whitening at the dentist is also a great option for those looking to have a brighter smile.

Come on in for a check-up!

The health of our teeth is incredibly important and goes beyond simple cosmetic sensibility. The shape our teeth are in is a sign of how we treat the rest of our bodies. In truth, there is a much greater possibility that if our teeth are healthy, and white, that the rest of our health is also maintained properly. Dr. Joseph Holland of Holland Dental regularly takes care of his patient's cosmetic dentistry needs in his Zionsville, IN, office. Just give him a call at (317) 291-1000 to make an appointment today!